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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Three New Additions to the Roster

Hi All,

We have three new additions to the roster in this update. Our current total on the roster is 147 cars. Be sure to check out the statistics page of the roster if you want to see the survivors tallied by the numbers.   

First up is Body #1507 currently for sale with an asking price of $109k. This one is interesting because of it's unique color combination. It left the factory with starlight silver paint and a green and white interior. 

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You can see more pics on the starlight silver page,


Next up is Body #513. Fresh out of a long time collection. This one is heading to Brazil. 

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You can see more pics and info here,


Our last car in this update is this example from Sweden. Yes, another Biarritz in Sweden!
This one is Body #1891. Another interesting car and not because of it's current red/white paint :)  This is one of the few surviving cars with plain non tinted glass. Only 8 cars on the roster have this non option. It also has a surviving sibling, Body #1890. This is only the second set of sequential surviving cars on the roster. 

You can see more pics and info here,


How about we finish up this update with a period picture from Daytona Beach, Florida. Just to the left of center in this picture is a Starlight Silver Biarritz. Of course it has the best parking space in this lot :)  

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 Here is a close up of the same picture.
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If you like these old period pictures of Cadillacs, there is a great thread of photos just like this over on the Mid Century Cadillac Forum. 100's of period photos can be seen here

Thanks again for all of the contributions and support! Please keep all of the info and pictures coming!