1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

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The Spectacular Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

In the two years since the Eldorado was first introduced by Cadillac, it has won itself a unique place in the hearts of motorist everywhere. Though the Eldorado name originally designated only the convertible model, it will include for 1956 both an open and closed car. The first of these- the spectacular Biarritz- is a true achievement in advanced design and engineering. Its high-sweeping fender lines... its beautiful grille and rear bumper assembly ... its unique "disappearing top" ... its special "Sabre - Spoke" wheels ... its special hood ornament ... its chrome ribbed saddle molding ... and it's many special color options ... give it a beauty all its own. To add still greater glamour, the Biarritz is available with gold wheels and a gold grille. And the Biarritz is powered by a special 305- h.p. Cadillac engine, and offers Cadillac's most advanced features of engineering throughout. In every way, it is a true masterpiece of Cadillac craftsmanship.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Four More Added to the Roster & a NOS Engine!

Hi All,

In this update we have 4 new entries to the roster. Our current count of cars on the roster is now 151 cars which is roughly 7% of the 2150 built. The survival rate is still way below the 53 and 59 Eldorados. Both of these model years enjoy a 35% survival rate (425 of the 59 models and 191 of the 53 models). This low survival rate may turn out to be the most surprising discovery of this roster. I honesty thought there was many more 56's out there. As it stands now, the '56 Biarritz is the rarest of 50's Eldorados and by a considerable margin too.

  Lets get to the update. Three are from the west coast and one from Thailand! We also have what could be the find of a lifetime. An NOS 1956 dual quad engine.

First up is body #1623. This one comes from a collection in California and is currently offered for sale. Factory black with a solid red interior. One of the few "P-code" plain non tinted glass cars.

Here is another car from California. This one crossed the block at the recent Russo Steele auction. It did not find a new home. 

Not much is known about this car. It was offered by a friend of a west coast car dealer and may have been sold. If anyone has info on this car please let me know. 

 The last car in this update calls Thailand home. This one looks to be painted in Aquamarine with a blue and white interior.

Find of a lifetime. A 1956 Dual quad 365 engine complete from carbs to oil pan that has never been started, EVER since new. Good reason as to why it was never fired up too. This engine was bought from a Cadillac dealer back in 1956 with the intentions of being used in a speedboat. The motor was mounted in the boat but the owner suffered a stroke and the project laid dormant. The engine was never wired up so it was not capable of cranking over. The boat was recently sold by the family of the original owner and the engine was removed and listed for sale on the HAMB. It was listed as a 1957 engine but the cast numbers and engine unit number confirm that it is a 1956 factory dual quad engine. The serial number location of the block is not stamped indicating that this engine was never factory installed in a vehicle. The internals of the engine are brand new!! The exterior is not as pretty. The engine was sprayed white before installation in the boat. Years of sitting in barn have not been nice to the paint and unpainted exterior parts.

Here is the engine out of the boat. Check out the marine air filters on each carb. Also check out the custom generator bracket. This was necessary because of the water pump setup required for marine use 

I know what your thinking after seeing that engine pic.  NOS no way!!!  I was very skeptical too. The more I looked at it and inspected the engine, it rang true! 

I took the air filter off to take a look at the carburetors, I couldn't believe it how new it looks. 

Then I took the valve cover off, spotless !

I took the distributor cap off, probably for the first time since 1956. Again, absolutely brand new Delco cap, points and rotor. No sign of any use ever. If you look closely at the cap and rotor you can see the old style Delco Remy logo.

Want to see more? Go to the Mid Century Cadillac forum,

Last but not least in this update is this little video I made using a Go Pro Camera. Take a ride in car #632, we are going to a car show. 

Thanks again for all of the support. Please keep the info and pictures coming!