1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

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The Spectacular Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

In the two years since the Eldorado was first introduced by Cadillac, it has won itself a unique place in the hearts of motorist everywhere. Though the Eldorado name originally designated only the convertible model, it will include for 1956 both an open and closed car. The first of these- the spectacular Biarritz- is a true achievement in advanced design and engineering. Its high-sweeping fender lines... its beautiful grille and rear bumper assembly ... its unique "disappearing top" ... its special "Sabre - Spoke" wheels ... its special hood ornament ... its chrome ribbed saddle molding ... and it's many special color options ... give it a beauty all its own. To add still greater glamour, the Biarritz is available with gold wheels and a gold grille. And the Biarritz is powered by a special 305- h.p. Cadillac engine, and offers Cadillac's most advanced features of engineering throughout. In every way, it is a true masterpiece of Cadillac craftsmanship.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Millionth Post War Cadillac Positively Identified!

Hi All,

Not too long ago we featured Body #891, an Emerald Green Eldorado that fit the bill as the one millionth post war Cadillac built. The color, options and vehicle history perfectly matched the description that was rumored to be the one millionth Cadillac. It even has a plaque on the dash. 

There was one thing about #891 that did not correspond with what was known about the one millionth car. Body 891 was built in January, the one millionth car was built during the week of May 28th according to a Cadillac press release. Hmm, quite the predicament. Well there is one sure way to solve this, get the "built" sheet to the car built during the week of May 28th, 1956. To order the sheet, we would need the serial number. The question begs, how do you go about getting the serial number to a car that is not known to have survived??? Well in this case, it wasn't that difficult. We just have to count to 1 million :) Here is how I figured it out.

In the back of the 1956 Cadillac Data Book, Cadillac list the production totals for every year. Below you will find the data book info pertaining to the post war yearly totals. 

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From 1946 to 1955, Cadillac built a total of 888,407 cars. This means for Cadillac to reach the one millionth post war mark in 1956, Cadillac would have to build 111,593 cars. The good news is all Cadillacs built have serial numbers that are sequential regardless of the model. So mathematically the one millionth post war Cadillac should carry a serial number that ends with 111,593. I took a chance and ordered the built sheet based on this math. It paid off!! Serial #5662111593 is indeed the one millionth post war Cadillac. This car pictured, 

is body #1999 built on June 1st, 1956. This car was painted in a special order custom gold metallic finish to mark the special occasion. It was equipped with a black and white interior, black top, gold grille, gold wheels, EZ Eye glass and heat. Here is the invoice and built sheet for this special car, enlarge for a better view,  

Note the text "Gold Metallic" were the paint code would be. Also note the CWC(CNC?) APPEARANCE text. Not sure what that means. Anyone know? 
The one millionth Cadillac is third from the bottom. Take note of the  "0" in the  color column and the SPR(special request) notation.  When special order colors or trim was ordered, a 0 was used as reference. 
  Some other info obtained from this paperwork. This special car was shipped to the New York City dealership that was owned by GM. It was not a fully optioned car either. No A/C, no Autronic eye or power trunk. Also important to note the price on the invoice is the dealer net, not retail. 

  Another tidbit. On June 1st, another special order Eldorado was built. The Elvis Eldorado was built shortly after this car. What a day for Cadillac history!
My poor attempt to colorize this picture 
  This "One Millionth" Eldorado may still exist. so please be on the lookout for body #1999. We should also take nothing away from body #891. It's an authentic fully optioned Emerald Green Eldorado Biarritz. A fantastic car by any account! 

Thank you for all of the support & Happy Holidays.