1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

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The Spectacular Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

In the two years since the Eldorado was first introduced by Cadillac, it has won itself a unique place in the hearts of motorist everywhere. Though the Eldorado name originally designated only the convertible model, it will include for 1956 both an open and closed car. The first of these- the spectacular Biarritz- is a true achievement in advanced design and engineering. Its high-sweeping fender lines... its beautiful grille and rear bumper assembly ... its unique "disappearing top" ... its special "Sabre - Spoke" wheels ... its special hood ornament ... its chrome ribbed saddle molding ... and it's many special color options ... give it a beauty all its own. To add still greater glamour, the Biarritz is available with gold wheels and a gold grille. And the Biarritz is powered by a special 305- h.p. Cadillac engine, and offers Cadillac's most advanced features of engineering throughout. In every way, it is a true masterpiece of Cadillac craftsmanship.

1956 Cadillac Brochure

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Fabulous Cadillacs and Two More for the Roster

Hi All,  We have two new Eldorado's on the list, which brings our total survivor count to 162 Eldorado's world wide. That is not many, not many at all. Just to give you an idea of how few exist, lets take a look at it from the following perspective. Below is a tally from all of the known rosters of Mid Century Eldorados.

1953 Eldorado*        532 built- 192 known to exist as of 2012 =  36%

1956 Biarritz          2150 built- 162 known to exist as of 2014 =  7.5%

1957 Brougham*      400 built- 278 known to exist as of 2012 =  68%                      

1958 Brougham*      304 built- 203 known to exist as of 2014 =  67%

1959 Biarritz-         1320 built- 400+ known to exist as of 2012= 30%

1959 Brougham*        99 built-   43 known to exist as of 2012 =  43% 

1960 Brougham*      101 built-   54 known to exist as of 2012 =  54%

*Stats from Cadillac Database

As you can see the 1956 Eldorado Biarritz currently has the lowest survival rate. Even if we were to uncover another 200 cars, the '56 would still maintain the lowest survival rate based on cars built per model year. And when it comes to total cars still in existence, 1956 Eldorados are certainly in rarified air at the current count of 162 automobiles. Time will tell how many more are out there, my guess would be about another 100 cars at the most.  The junk yards took the majority of them, I'm afraid. 

Boy, that was depressing. Lets get to the cars!

Here's one that sold quietly at auction this summer in South Dakota for $55,000. It looks to be a nice driver and complete. Body number not known at this time. 


More pics and info about this car at the bottom of the Emerald Green page, 



The second car added to roster in this update is Body number 1539. This triple black beauty is the result of a recently completed 7 year rotisserie restoration. 

See more pics and info about this Eldorado on the Black page of the roster,



In our last update we were introduced to this project car with factory air conditioning,

the owner of this car has just acquired the built sheet for this Eldorado and shared it with me. The body number is now confirmed as #282. It is also confirmed to be a fully optioned, factory air Emerald Green Biarritz complete with gold grille and wheels. It was shipped to Los Angeles with a build date of November 23, 1955.  Restoration is now underway :)


Have you ever looked at the body data tag on your car and wondered what that letter code is next to the trim number?

In this photo example, the letter code is "K". After collecting photos of body tags over the years I have been able to decipher all of the letter codes found on 1956 Eldorados. So what is it? The letter code represents the color coordination of all small trim parts that are related with the trim #. An example of parts represented would be windlace, kick panels and lower dash colors. The 1956 data book trim chart picture below was revised by me to include all of the letter trim codes (in red) and the two columns to the right were added to show what the letters represent.

This chart and more can be found on the roster info page,



Happy Anniversary to the 1956 Cadillac.  Fifty nine years ago this week, October 13th, 1955 to be exact. 1956 Cadillacs went on sale across the country. The rest as they say is history!


Lets finish off this update with a blast from the past.
Live from Times Square, it's the Cadillacs with their new album The Fabulous Cadillacs! 

What a great period picture. The Cadillacs group in a 1956 Biarritz. How poetic! This photo was used as their album cover which was released in early 1957. Check out those old signs of Times Square. Speaking of signs, the photo was carefully shot to exclude the very large CHEVROLET sign atop of the Canadian Club sign. You can see the signs here in this second great 1956 picture.

In the event you have never heard of the Cadillacs, here is a youtube video for you. Be sure to watch it till 1:20 for another picture of the group with the '56 Biarritz.


Thats all for this update folks. Thank you for all of the support and information. Please keep the info coming!!